“BRAINWASHED” by Stephen Green

  1. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    Says it all! They have been brainwashing us since before the 1950’s, Americans, even smart Americans, believe what the media tells them, Even my wife who has an IQ of 140 believes their bullsh*t. Cannot convince her otherwise. I reproduce articles on FB which provide factual info and hardly ever get a comment and once in a while I get a disagreement. I always give credit to the authors of web site so that they can see for themselves. Makes no difference. It is pretty clear that most FB viewers are interested in bullsh*t, jokes, totally dumb comments, and pictures of their vacations, families, babies. Anything seriously political which has a possible deleterious effect on their lives, their freedom, etc. means nothing to them. What does that tell us. It tells me that responsible citizenship is over and out.
    Americans are not only asleep at the wheel of responsible citizenry but they don’t give two flying hoots about their government’s deleterious and nefarious activities or any encroachment on their freedom and liberties. If this is happening everywhere in America then we are DOOMED.

  2. mikebenke 1 year ago

    Great cartoon. Very accurate! I dont understand what these people think the motivation is to spread “mis info”, other than it being true. Big pharma has everything to gain. Media bought and paid for. Its easy to see why they would lie. It makes no sense for your uncle or brother to make shit up. For what? So ridiculous that people trust government over their friends and family.

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