Frustrated that the slowing down of vaccination rates might undercut his promise to get at least 70 percent of Americans vaccinated by the Fourth of July, President Biden last Wednesday delivered a speech from the White House in which he told Americans: “This is your choice. It’s life and death.”

Adding to Biden’s portrayal of the coronavirus as the deadly enemy, the president said his administration would continue the fight to convince more Americans to get in line for a shot. This time, however, he initiated a “guilt trip” strategy:

“We’re going to keep at it… most people will be convinced by the fact that their failure to get the vaccine will cause other people to get sick and maybe die.”

Biden warned Americans that while many seniors have been vaccinated, “We’re still losing hundreds of Americans under 65 years of age every week. And many more are getting seriously ill for long stretches at a time.”  

TRENDPOST: As for the President citing that not getting vaccinated “will cause other people to get sick and die,” the truth is that the vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 were caused by old age, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. As the facts prove and the media ignores, 95.52 percent of the reported virus deaths are people aged 50 and over with 80 percent being over age 65. 

Moreover, if someone is vaccinated, that’s supposed to mean they can’t get the virus?

In the so-called “Land of the Free,” why should someone who for religious or personal reasons refuses to get the vaccination be forced to get the shot... since they will not be endangering the lives of the fully vaccinated? Thus, the only ones they will ostensibly endanger are those who refuse the jab... which is freedom of choice. 

TRENDPOST: Almost a year ago, on 2 June 2020, we published the article, “COVID FEAR & HYPE MORE DEADLY THAN VIRUS.” 

Indeed, the overall survival rate of those catching the virus is 98 percent, according to government statistics.

What is entirely absent from the media is that if the virus were as deadly as both the government and Presstitutes claim, why aren’t hospitals overflowing with the 552,830 homeless Americans who live in unsanitary conditions, are unhealthy, and most likely mask-less? 

TRENDPOST: Are the COVID vaccines safe?

We have been reporting on the health concerns of the AstraZeneca vaccines and that a number of countries limited its use while other countries banned it after hearing reports of people getting blood clots and dying from them after getting the injection. (See our 13 April article, “ASTRAZENECA VAX STILL UNDER FIRE.”)

Now another serious health disorder is connected to the AstraZeneca shot. 

As reported last Friday by Russia Today, the vaccine is now connected to a serious immune disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome. Guillain-Barre, according to the description by the U.K.’s National Health Service, is “a very rare and serious condition that affects the nerves, and can create feelings of numbness, weakness, and pain in those who have it.”

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  1. Buck Fiden 5 months ago

    This article comports well with your story on the Seychelles Islands and its experience with most everyone getting the jab. A genuine pandemic doesn’t require this level of 24/7 advertising and guilt tripping. People are smarter than that despite what our Elite believes. Now a psyop, that requires plenty of propaganda to make the people believe.

  2. Steven Crook 4 months ago

    How is this still a thing?? I’m lost for words. I have friends and family that will take the shot even tough they know there is something fishy going on. They’re hoping all will go back to normal once they have their jab. It won’t.

  3. lvblasiotti 4 months ago

    Watch Alex Jones & Investigative Researchers Expose Johns Hopkins Detailed Plan To Control & Collapse Society With Medical Bioweapons (Spoiler alert: Their ‘scenario’ is happening now!)

  4. harlow53 4 months ago

    Yesterday the stupid President of the US threatened the citizens of America with a statement that if you don’t get vaccinated for COVID-19, you will pay a price for hesitancy. Below is the truth about the true risk of taking the vaccinations:

    Government Scrubs Stats on Vaccine-Related Deaths

    Check out this story on

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