Over a decade ago, I became a crusader of sorts, recommending people do two things:

#1. “Bet against the debt”

#2. “Become your own central bank”

The reason I began my crusade was simple. It’s because I knew back then that world central banks, and none more so than the Federal Reserve, would massively inflate.

At the time, when I explained to expect the Fed would vastly grow its balance sheet, they had just over $2 trillion on it. Today, that same balance sheet has grown over 300 percent to an astounding $7 trillion. And we have not seen anything yet.

The Federal Reserve is also on a crusade: to have absolute control over the entire global monetary system by becoming the lender, buyer, and, therefore, the owner of it all (the World)… while getting ready to issue in a new U.S. dollar.

The Federal Reserve is on a preconceived path; a very deliberate mission to destroy the dollar in its current form to then issue in a new dollar, which will be 100 percent blockchain based.

When I began my crusade, it was crystal clear that in order to beat the grand plan of central banks, which issue only debt, we must take to the opposite side and begin holding an “anti-debt” unit priced in dollars.

To me, the solution was obvious: one must hold physical gold and silver. By holding these assets, you accomplish two things, and that brings us back to the beginning points of this article: #1. Become your own central bank, as ALL central banks hold gold; and #2, you directly bet against exploding global debt.

Gold and silver have been real money for thousands of years, and nothing can change that. When prior Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was asked by Senator Ron Paul why central banks hold gold, Bernanke replied, “We hold it for tradition.” The fact is that central banks hold gold because both gold and silver are anti-debt units… my reasoning exactly!

It all boils down to this: as the Federal Reserve continues to inflate by design, the purchasing power of gold and silver will increase.

Over the past year, the Federal Reserve has begun to issue epic amounts of debt in the form of buying assets with trillions of U.S. dollars being created out of nothing.

At the end of August 2019, the Fed balance sheet stood at $3.8 trillion. Today, just 11 months later, it stands at $7 trillion. The trajectory of the Fed’s balance sheet is much higher.

Understanding this mechanism should make it easy to understand why for many years, I have not wavered from my crusade to “Become Your Own Central Bank” and “Bet Against The Debt.”

I trust now you can see why.

Gregory Mannarino,


  1. Mountain Man 1 week ago

    Such a sound concept is so difficult for so many to grasp.

  2. Bradford Robertson 1 week ago

    I’m thankful for everything you do to keep me on top of this.
    I know alot of people in my demographic ( boomers ) are gonna be in for a real shock.

  3. Brian McClemens 1 week ago

    Amen, thank you

  4. onlyme 1 week ago

    Great Advice. My grandfather always carries an 1899 Silver Dollar in his pocket and when people began talking about money he would throw it on the table and very seriously say “That’s real money”.

    I think it’s time to move beyond the outdated advice about having 10% of your funds in precious metals. Probably 75 % or greater these days. You can always sell a ½ ounce coin for spendable cash if needed.

  5. Jay Jericho 1 week ago

    When the authorities make it illegal to trade, example, a hair cut for a packet of cigarettes, the true surveillance slave agenda will be obvious. It is not illegal to trade a hair cut for a packet of cigarettes, if you declare the value of the fags in your tax return. Good article Greg.

  6. Joseph Johnigk 1 week ago

    Viva la silver

  7. Dillon Sawyer 1 week ago

    Greg glad your with Trends Journal👍

  8. glen fitzpatrick 1 week ago

    great team, GC and GM,

  9. Russia Passes China; Gold Hoard Now World’s Fifth Largest Russia and China have been acquiring gold, silver and strategic commodities for 15 years. They OBVIOUSLY saw all of this coming years ago. Russia has virtually no debt and they continue to stockpile gold as they gradually divest themselves of US dollars. The writing is on the wall for those with their eyes open. Consider Qaddafi’s fate. When he tried to create a gold based currency “The gold dinar” we arranged his exit despite a certain knowledge that Europe would be flooded with immigrant dependents. I believe Mr. Celente when he says that “When all else fails they take you to war.” A little research will tell you how China controls their population through digital currency. Either way we are on the cusp of massive global upheaval and dystopian change.

  10. Zenith Trench 1 week ago

    I Just ordered the book, thanks for the tip off.

  11. Bill Dyer 1 week ago

    Here’s a question I’ve been mulling over if we go all digital currency how will you sell your silver and gold. Further if we have a digital currency how will the sale be private? Also if there is a digital currency it will be completely controlled by the government so couldn’t they just tax gold and silver 90% ?

    • DC 1 week ago

      I think there will be steep penalties for bartering, black market or any attempt to circumvent the gov digital system. The Beast system won’t work unless they compel participation by threat of force (same as the current system). I don’t know what good silver or gold will be in a total surveillance police state. Maybe lead will be more valuable.

    • Good question!

  12. Mike Castellano 1 week ago

    Is Peter Schiff, the bank account he offers I think its overseas too, backed by Gold any good? I know you wont be holding the gold physically but.

  13. rick armbruster 1 week ago

    I read yesterday that South Korea will implement a 20% tax on cryptocurrency profits next year. Central banks hate crypto currency and gold/silver.

    • JustSayin 6 days ago

      How would competitive stores of value, like bit coin and precious metals, hide from excessive taxation, in a crypto dollar system?

  14. Desmond Roux 1 week ago

    Who is the most honest, reasonable person affiliated with Mr. Celente to purchase silver, gold and precious metals from?

  15. Beast Mode 5 days ago

    Thank you for this! What are your thoughts on Big Gold Mining Stocks such as Barrick and Newmont?

  16. Beverly Hubbard 5 days ago

    I have a question. Are there any other investments in addition to precious metals? Bitcoin?

  17. Amarok53 4 days ago

    THANK YOU, Great article. As a total novice in trading could someone explain – How to bet against debt? Thank you!

  18. AlvaroCarazo 4 days ago

    Been following you for along time. You are a Straight shooter with deadly accuracy. Keep it up. And thank you for your service.

  19. Brettagher 3 days ago

    I follow and appreciate Greg’s work regarding market analyses, but I’ve never agreed with his view of the Fed.

    1) Why would the Fed want to destroy the current system where the rich privatize their profits and then socialize their losses? It’s the best system for them. Creating a 2-tiered society would only stoke the fires of populism & revolution.

    2) How could the Fed destroy the current dollar, i.e., by hyper-inflating it into oblivion, so that they can issue a new digital dollar? Who would use it? The US’s credibility would be completely destroyed in that scenario. I can’t see anyone wanting to hold any form of USD after we just strongly exemplified our character as a extremely untrustworthy debtor. Reserve status revoked.

    3) Most of us view gov’t leaders as inept. So why would it be any different now? They can’t run the PO, the DMV, or anything else, but they’ve nailed the Fed? There is no grand scheme. They are flying by the seat of their pants, completely detached from real-world economics, reacting in desperation to things as they come, throwing $hit against the wall and hoping something sticks. That’s it.

    However, I think Greg’s advice is correct.

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