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Another week, another issue to be worried about.

The Presstitute’s favored “health experts” continue the effort to promote fear and hysteria in the U.S., warning Friday that the country should prepare to deal with COVID-19 and a dangerous flu season because so many Americans have been working from home, according to a report.

These officials warned that hospitals may be struggling to deal with COVID patients, so Americans should be sure to not only take the COVID jab, but double down and take the flu vaccine. The flu season is expected to hit the country earlier this year because individuals have no immune defenses—since they have been working from home, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Fear Monger

“There’s not many hospital beds, so (there’s) even more reason to get vaccinated against the flu this year,” Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s chief medical officer said during a call with reporters.

Yet, today, The Atlantic, reported that “A new study suggests that almost half of those hospitalized with COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic cases.”

Ignoring such facts, William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, told the paper that “The worst-case scenario is a real twindemic.” 

Is it the Flu or COVID?

In Alaska, for example, the state of 731,000 had less than 100 confirmed influenza cases in 2020. Harvard reported that there were 1,675 confirmed cases in the U.S. last year. See “EVAPORATED FLU” (2 Mar 2021) and “COVID COMPARED TO SEASONAL FLU” (10 Nov 2020).

The report pointed to a February article in Summit News that quoted Knut Wittkowski, who earned a doctorate in both computer science and biometry:

“Influenza has been re-named COVID-19 in large part. According to the CDC, the cumulative positive influenza test rate from late September into the week of 19 December was just 0.2 percent compared to 8.7 percent from a year before….There may be quite a number of influenza cases included in the ‘presumed COVID-19’ category of people who have COVID-19 symptoms (which Influenza symptoms can be mistaken for), but are not tested for SARS RNA.”

TREND FORECAST: As we had long forecast since the COVID War began, there would be a nation divided between vaxxed and un-vaxed. Indeed, a just released A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 56 percent of the Democrats—President Biden’s party—consider the unvaccinated a serious threat. 

They note that that’s a higher level of concern than Democrats express about the Taliban (44% see it as a serious threat); China (44%), or Russia (37%).

Thus, there we maintain our forecasts for strong anti-establishment, anti-vax, anti-tax movements.

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  1. Mark Ellis 5 days ago

    America is finished. There is no American government anymore. I am a 15 year veteran of the former United States Army. (Yeah, I wanted to finish my 20-year career, but I got downsized by the Bush administration.) They just took all of my VA benefits away because I won’t take the vaccine. I will never participate in an election, donate money to police and fire departments, go shopping other than to get needed provisions, or in any way contribute to anything but my neighbors and their needs. I’m finished. Done. I’ve been cruising news reports all morning and few people seem to care about the fact that Biden is spitting in the face of people who stood up and defended the Constitution. Oh, but Nicki Manaj-A_Twat has loads of press everywhere. Jimmy Kimmel got on TV a few nights ago and said that the unvaccinated should be taken out and shot. If I went anywhere and declared that about the President and his cronies, I’d get arrested. People who just crossed the border and are unvaccinated have more rights than I do. This is no longer a government of, by, and for the people. It is a Chinese Communist satellite-oligarchy of rich bureaucrats and their relatives. Oh, and don’t think for a moment that you’ll see a turnover in the 2022 mid-term elections. THEY CHEATED ON THE LAST ELECTION AND THEY WILL CHEAT ON THE REST OF THEM. GUARANTEED. So forget about it. And your retirements aren’t safe, either. I guarantee Joey B. has plans for all that, even if you are vaccinated. Chase Bank one of the largest banks in the world, just announced that they are going to start doing business only with people who fit into their criteria. As a matter of fact, they have started issuing statements about what companies they are cutting loose. We’re done. We, the people have sat on our hands for too long. Good night, America!

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