New York City, one of the hardest-hit COVID hotspots, is beginning to lift its economic lockdown, allowing construction, manufacturing, and “unessential” retail sales for curbside pickup to resume on 8 June.

As if it would have any effect of the economic devastation that has destroyed so many businesses, New . . .

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  1. dsrappaport 1 month ago

    We need public defenders to challenge the government on all these non-scientific laws and restrictions. Sadly there is no such animal, Legal groups only protect the rich that can afford legal protection. Why don’t we make lawyers accept Medicaid level wages? NO, because all the politicians are lawyers.

    • Jay Jericho 1 month ago

      America needs more engineers, builders, farmers, technicians and the like. Too many airconditioned office attorneys equals creative lawsuits. ‘Injured at work” Call 1800-Sue-Big-Time.
      Is anyone else starting to notice mask fatigue just of recent days? Almost as though the George Floyd event has made it too much for people. One Order out of Chaos crisis at a time, please.

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