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Marching to the COVID War orders of nations, states and cities around the world, down under, top Australian supermarkets are preparing to enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandates that could result in workers losing their jobs if they cannot produce a proof-of-vaccination card.

Two supermarket giants in the country have announced that they will follow the country’s vaccine rules and require workers to be vaccinated against the virus.

“We have a clear obligation to provide our team members with the safest possible work environment as we supply the food and essential needs our communities rely on,” Brad Banducci, the Woolworths Group CEO, said, according to The New Daily.

He said customer-facing workers at the company can easily come into contact with 20,000 customers each week so its 170,000 workforce will be required to prove they’ve been vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs. The paper reported that workers at stores in South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania must prove they are vaccinated by 31 January. All other employees will have until 31 March 2022.

Coles, another supermarket chain, announced that its workers in the Northern Territory and Western Australia will be mandated to have received at least one vaccination by 5 November and have received a second dose by 17 December.

"As people are able to circulate more freely in NSW, ACT and Victoria, health authorities have warned that COVID case numbers in these states are expected to increase, which also means a higher risk of positive cases visiting our stores," Steven Cain, the CEO of the Coles Group, said, according to Australia's 9 News. "We have encouraged and supported our team members to access vaccinations as soon as they became eligible, to reduce the risk of infection for themselves, their colleagues and their families."

Australia has had some of the toughest restrictions in the world and has recently adopted a new approach to dealing with the virus: learn to live with it. Victoria's 6.7 million residents are now allowed to leave their homes for any reason, CNN reported. But they will need to show proof of full vaccination to enter public venues. The report pointed out that restaurants in Melbourne can now serve a limited number of indoor diners and there is no longer a 9 p.m. curfew. The report pointed out that residents of Melbourne have spent more than 260 days confined to their homes, "forbidden to leave except to buy groceries or other essential items, mostly in two long stretches from July to October, 2020 and August to October this year."

Victoria is anticipated to reach an 80 percent vaccination rate for those aged 16 and older this week and hit 90 percent by 24 November. 

Daniel Andrews, the premier, said once the 90 percent vaccination rate is reached, there would essentially no restrictions in the state, except for "high-risk settings," The Guardian reported. 

TREND FORECAST: Totally absent in the mainstream reporting or questions by the Presstitutes is that a higher COVID vax rate does not create herd immunity. (See, “NO HERD IMMUNITY FOR THE HERD,” 17 Aug 2021; “HERD IMMUNITY HERESY: LIES AND DAMN LIES,” 12 Oct 2021)

Therefore, the stricter the No Jab, No Job mandates are enforced and the reality that regardless of how many people are vaccinated there will be no herd immunity, governments will push for yearly COVID booster shots for people of all ages. These mandates, which will continue to rob the un-vaxxed of many freedoms, will in turn escalate anti-establishment movements as we have detailed in scores of Trends Journals.

TRENDPOST: Despite the proof of failing government dictates to win the COVID War, politicians continue to impose lockdowns, business closures, travel restrictions, social distancing, mask-wearing mandates, etc., that have destroyed millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods across the globe. 

Completely ignored in the media and banned by politicians are the facts of who is dying from the virus and why, as well as natural healing health recommendations to build up immune systems by eating healthy, vitamin therapy, etc. Indeed, such recommendations would be censored or debased by a media that makes billions running Big Pharma’s “get drug-addicted” drug ads.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has reported on the draconian steps that Canberra has taken to slow the COVID-19 spread. Restrictions have been met by protests in major cities throughout the country. (SEE: "AUSTRALIA: FOLKS FIGHTING AGAINST COVID WAR," "AUSTRALIA DESCRIBES DELTA VARIANT A NEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.")

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  1. Brian Towell 11 months ago

    I’m Australian. We have a federal election in 2022. I believe that the push for vaxing everyone is going to increase significantly between now and Christmas. Fortunately, there are political parties rising. Like Gerald Celente, I dislike all of them. However I have recently joined the United Australia Party as they are our only voice representing free choice. For anyone interested, “Clive Palmer, United Australia Party” are worth watching on YouTube or their party website. Anger is growing here. And so is the division between people. When this anger blows it’s going to be quite a sight. I personally believe federal and state governments are going to use Christmas as a weapon. Create more division in a traditional family time. Divide and conquer. My own sister is against me seeing my mother as I’m unvaxed, and never will be.

    • Jerry Scott 11 months ago

      Good on ya Brian. I just returned to Canada (I’m Canadian) from Australia, the last plane out of Saigon. I’m 74. Both my brother and sister refused to quarantine me because I am un-axed, my term for it. The plan of divide and conquer is working, pitting family members against each other, worker against worker and so on. Last plane out of Saigon? I have gone from the frying pan into the fire. As Australians often say, ‘what goes in Canada will reach Australia in about 3 months’. I say to Australians, ‘brace yourselves’. And do some research on Zombies, because they are roaming the streets of Canada. Some of them are commentators on TV, others are citizens who have lost their way; others are people you know that have got the jab and have changed their personality. STAND UP everyone while you still can. Don’t get angry, you will be branded as a terrorist. Get DELIBERATE, and know your rights. One of them, at least in Canada, is that there is NO law on the books about wearing masks. NONE. As for the axeine, the Human Rights code takes care of that, ‘NOTHING WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT’, and guess what? That consent is withdrawn.

  2. John Allen 11 months ago

    Brian will your sister accept the responsibility for any long term effects from the Jab?
    Ask your sister how Israel is doing with the jab.
    Does your sister understand how much money is being made by the drug companies?
    Does you sister understand how much propaganda is done by the drug companies on television.
    DO YOU REALLY TRUST (So called) Dr. Fauci ?

  3. DR 11 months ago

    According to Table 4 from the Week 38 Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report of PHE (Public Health England), in total, 2,284 of the 3,158 total COVID deaths in England for the month of September were fully vaccinated. In other words, 72.32% of COVID-19 deaths in England during September were fully vaccinated. So, of course, be sure to get your Covid “vaccination” ’cause it’s really going to protect you and those you come into contact with. Take one for the team! Yeah, right. More like get “vaccinated” and take major risks with your health.

  4. Keirh Johnson 11 months ago

    The MSM could turn this around rapidly, they are making so much money from sponsors who have a vested interest in pushing the jab.

    I am Australian, I can state that we the UV are in a siege standoff, there are more of us than government or MSM will admit.

    Our economy can’t function if the UV continue to be locked out of mainstream.

    Major political change at May 2022 election.

  5. knelson 11 months ago

    I truly do hope the Aussies are able to dump the tyrants that are oppressing
    them so much [now] in 2022. If the country is using certain types of voting machines
    [that make cheating easier], then they will have their own “stolen election” moment,
    just like America had on November 3, 2020. Good luck, mates!

  6. […] enforced some of the world’s strictest COVID restrictions. (See “AUSTRALIA: DOUBLE WHAMMY,” “AUSTRALIA: NO JAB, NO JOB,” and “AUSTRALIA: FOLKS FIGHTING AGAINST COVID […]

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