August 2019

TREND ALERT: The Trump Market Pump. The Worst is Yet to Come

The Trump Market Pump. The Worst is Yet to Come.

KINGSTON, 23 August 2019—After a relatively strong market rebound late last week and earlier this week in the U.S. following last Wednesday’s 800-point Dow dive – the worst is yet to come.

Indeed, yesterday, the CNBC morning headline was: “Stocks fall, giving up earlier gains as recession fears rise.”

But, in a clear factual demonstration of the Wall Street Bull’s addiction to cheap money injections and delusional belief of infinitely rising equities, just three days earlier, following the close of Monday’s markets, the CNBC headline read: “Dow rallies more than 200 points as Wall Street continues rebound from August sell-off.”

Why? “Stocks rose sharply on Monday as Treasury yields rebounded, quelling fears of a possible recession,” their economic experts concluded.

“Quelling fears,” on Monday, “recession fears rise” on Thursday?

What a difference a few days make in the make-believe world of mainstream news.

What pushed the markets up following last Wednesday’s worst market sell off of the year?