August 2019

TREND ALERT: America! The Day the Music Died. 

America! The Day the Music Died.

15 August 2019. This was the day to remember.

The 50th Anniversary of America’s most famous outdoor concert.

"Three Days of Peace and Music."  

A once in a lifetime. Nothing like it before or since.

Whether you went there, wasn’t into it, didn’t care, it made no difference.

There was never anything like it before or after.

Peace and Love.

Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll.

Some half-million young people… teens and twenties, letting loose and letting go even though the times were tight.

The Vietnam War.

Every male in that age group was draft meat.

I was one of them. Every day the fear, “Are they going to get me,” lived in my bones.

Another Made-in-America War brought to you by demented politicians.

Then there was Woodstock.

The heart and soul of Peace and Love.

That’s what it was back in 1969!

A wild show, wild times, loose and free.

It will go down in history.

No Cops busting chops.

No armed battalions on the scene like today.

No backpack, pocketbook, pants pocket checkers.

No metal detectors or wand swingers.