July 2019

As forecast: The Gold Bull Run has begun

In our 6 June Trend Alert, when gold was $1,332 per ounce, we forecast that a series of converging trend lines, including “weakening economic fundamentals and how central banks will address them — from Australia cutting interest rates to new lows, to China inventing money pumping schemes to artificially inflate falling equities and its sagging economies with cheap money” — would ignite the next Gold Bull Run.

GOLD: Follow the trends

The Trends Journal has consistently and accurately forecast the price of gold based on global economic and equity market trends. Here are some examples from just this year to show how we were ahead of news and on top of the trend.

3 JANUARY 2019

"These worsening economic trend lines could compel the Federal Reserve to not only slow interest hikes, but even cut rates this year. While it would temporarily boost equities again it would lower the value of U.S. currency and weigh favorably on the price of the gold.


It’s a worldwide mental, physical and social crisis.

It affects virtually every age and socioeconomic group across the globe.

Its debilitating, toxic effects leave no country, no corner of the world, unscathed.

It dually fits the definition of both an addiction and an epidemic, but no drug or 12-step program yet exists to control its wildfire-like spread.

Its the world’s addiction to hi-tech.

No hi-tech cures

While Generation Z, those born between 1996 and 2010, is the first generation whose connection to the world around them is principally defined by the smart phone, it was Millennials who ushered in powerful technologies – the Internet of Things, smart phones, Alexa, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence etc. – that have built the foundation the Hi-Tech addictions now inflicting societies worldwide.

And new studies are beginning to show a price is being paid for their hi-tech obsessions.