July 2019

TREND ALERT: Dalio Follows Celente on the “Gold Bull Run”

Dalio Follows Celente on the “Gold Bull Run”

KINGSTON, NY, 18 JULY 2019—Some six weeks after Gerald Celente’s Trend Alert® of the “Gold Bull Run,” yesterday’s big business media news was that Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, said gold will be a top investment.

Moreover, in making his case for a “paradigm shift” in investing in gold, Dalio singled out what Celente has been forecasting for years: As economies slow, central banks will increase monetary methadone injections in hopes of keeping the cheap-money addicted bull markets running while their currencies devalue.

In his LinkedIn post, Dalio noted that investors are essentially overweight in stocks and other assets which would likely face diminishing returns. “I think these are unlikely to be good real returning investments and that those that will most likely do best will be those that do well when the value of money is being depreciated and domestic and international conflicts are significant, such as gold,” the Bridgewater Associates kingpin said.

Gerald Celente - Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio - July 14, 2019

Wall Street, the Banks, and our government are like drug addicts… they’re addicted to what our guest this week, Gerald Celente, calls “monetary methadone”. Join your host Dennis Tubbergen for this week’s Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio show where he and Mr. Celente discuss the slowing global economy and how the governments keep injecting the bull to maintain the economic high. https://www.retirementlifestyleadvocates.com/