June 2019

Gerald Celente - Trends This Week - June 12, 2019

In this week’s episode Gerald begins by mentioning all of the war torn countries around the globe. He also discusses the Democrat candidates for the 2020 Presidential Election, specifically Mayor Pete Buttigieg and VP Joe Biden. He also talks about all of the hypocrisy surrounding the EU countries’ treatment of Julian Assange and other recent trends in the news. http://prn.fm/trends-week-just-another-day-greatest-freak-show-earth/

Gerald Celente - Trends This Week - June 5, 2019

Gerald begins this week's show talking politics saying, "nothing is going to change until we have a new third party that means something." He also covers his appearance at the Comic Strip Live, for the 12th Annual New York's Funniest Reporter on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 5:30 PM where he will make an announcement that he promises will rocket America from top to bottom. http://prn.fm/trends-week-another-crazy-week-no-end-sight/

TREND ALERT: The Gold Bull Run

The Gold Bull Run

KINGSTON, NY, 6 JUNE 2019—Back in 2005, when gold was $421 per ounce, we alerted Trends Journal subscribers to get ready to ride the “Golden Bull: Once gold breaks past the magic $500 per ounce mark… it will push gold beyond the 1980’s high of $885 per ounce."

On target, gold had a steady rise, peaking at $1,917 per ounce in 2011. Subsequently, when prices slumped to the mid $1,000 per ounce range in 2015, we had accurately forecast that prices bottomed out and that the next “Gold Bull Run” would begin when gold breaks above $1,450 per ounce.

Considering weakening economic fundamentals and how central banks will address them — from Australia cutting interest rates to new lows, to China inventing money pumping schemes to artificially inflate falling equities and its sagging economies with cheap money — that breakout point is on the near horizon.