May 2019

Gerald Celente - Trends This Week - May 15, 2019

In this week's episode Gerald talks about the trade wars that are constantly being talked around since the day Trump got elected, however not moving the equity markets. Other topics include Bernie Sanders criticizing President Trump for being too lenient in his NAFTA negations, the negative effects of 5G wireless technology and other recent trends in the news.

Middle-East War Drums Beating...

The prospects for war in Iran have dramatically increased, and as forecast, the U.S. has long put in place a strategic apparatus to strike hard and fast, and now openly threatening military action.

And as war drums beat louder, in America there is virtually no major anti-war opposition coming from Congress, the people, the media and from the majority of the contestants running in the Presidential Reality Show®.

The Presidential Reality Show®: May the Best Act Win

There has never been a race for the White House in the United States like the 2020 Presidential Reality Show®

Stealing a page from the recent Ukrainian election where a comedian who played president on a TV show trounced the U.S. installed puppet president, in America, a cast of side show contestants are lining up to beat out America’s #1 Reality Show Champion, President Donald Trump.

The daily newspaper, the bedrock of the 4th Estate, is on life support

The state of the dying newspaper industry had managed to slip out of the news the last couple of years as the depth and frequency of news staff layoffs, dramatic cuts in content and news of newspaper mergers/acquisitions and closings became routine.

But when Warren Buffet recently declared the newspaper business model is “toast” and a number of university and research studies revealed just how decimated the Fourth Estate had become, the death of newspapers got some belated coverage.