May 2019

Gerald Celente - Financial Survival Network - May 22, 2019

It's no secret that things aren't really getting better. A recent survey of the Millennials shows that they're in far worse than any generation since the Great Depression. This is acting as a drag on housing and the economy in general. Get ready for interest rate cuts as the economy slows. Remember, the situation is always hopeless, but never serious.

Gerald Celente - Trends This Week - May 22, 2019

In this week's episode, Gerald discusses the newly released Trends Journal Magazine with stories on the current tensions in Iran and Venezuela, 5G wireless dangers and the decline of local news. He also covers the decline of the mainstream corporate media and their endless anti-Trump coverage.

Trend Forecast: Trump Bump or Market Slump? The Next Recession

This past February, as the mainstream business media and the gloom and doom forecasters were expressing growing concern of trade wars, tariff fears and a global economic slowdown, we advised Trends Journal subscribers that U.S. equity markets would hit new highs and there would be no recession in America this year.

Trend Vision 2020 – our new video podcast

The eyes have it! Our new, recently launched Trend Vision 2020, will help you clearly see the future and have a better understanding of developing trends and their impact on your life and investments.

Trend Vision 2020 is available 8:30 p.m. each Monday through Thursday.

The podcast features global trend forecaster Gerald Celente in conversation with program co-host, Doug Grunther, and focuses on up-to-the-minute developments on all the trends we follow. Gerald and Doug also take questions from Trends Journal subscribers.