March 2019

Gerald Celente - The Small Business Advocate Show - March 27, 2019

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TREND ALERT: Fed Can’t Wait: Needs to Move Now

Fed Can't Wait: Needs to Move Now

KINGSTON, NY, 27 MARCH 2019—Beyond the accelerating global economic slowdown, we forecast a weakening U.S. Gross Domestic Product and lower corporate earnings will require the U.S. Federal Reserve to lower interest rates now before economic conditions markedly deteriorate.

As long noted, the recovery from the Panic of '08 was fueled and sustained by central banks pumping in some $26 trillion of zero/low/negative interest rates, quantitative easing and other lines of liquidity provisions into financial systems. Economies did not grow as a result of basic economic fundamentals, rather they were artificially inflated by heavy doses of monetary methadone.


Globally, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has cut its economic growth forecast for 2019 to 3.3 percent and in the U.S., the National Association for Business Economics predicts growth will slow to 2.4 percent this year and just 2 percent next year.