November 2018

The General Motors of cannabis… at least in Canada


The Canadian company began as a dealer in medical marijuana but wasted no time positioning itself for the world beyond October 18, 2018, the day when smoking ganja for fun became legal in Canada.

Since 2016, Aurora has gobbled up CannaMed, Pedianos, Urban Cultivator, and eight other marijuana businesses – mostly recently MedReleaf, for which it paid $2.5 billion.

Gerald Celente - Stock Pulse - November 20, 2018

While many were caught of guard by problems like the sub-prime bubble and the decay of the dollar, Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute has been warning about them for decades. Which is why we were fortunate to have Gerald join Chris on Inside the Markets to explain what's happening to the dollar. Why the rising interest rates are exposing the cracks in the economy. And what people would be we served to be aware of before it's too late to respond. So if you're concerned that the latest bubbles in the #stock, #bond, and #realestate market are starting to wobble, click to watch the video and stay ahead of the trends.

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Equity market meltdowns


On 19 September, two days before U.S. equity markets hit new highs, we alerted Trends Journal subscribers to prepare for an Economic 9/11.

In October, the Nasdaq slumped 9 percent, its biggest drop since the Panic of ‘08. And the S&P 500 lost 7 percent, its worst month since September 2011.

And it’s getting worse. On 20 November the S&P 500 fell into correction territory down 10 percent from its 21 September record-closing high, and more than 40 percent of S&Ps fell into bear territory, down 20 percent.