July 2018

Gerald Celente - Infowars - July 30, 2018

Gerald Celente compares and contrasts the primary business endeavors of the United States, fomenting war and regime change, with the primary business of China, which is their economy and trade. He breaks down the five steps President Trump should follow to finally bring United States troops home from around the world and build up our domestic infrastructure here at home. Gerald also reveals an economic trend in which the value of emerging financial markets coordinates with the value of the dollar, and he predicts an increase in the dollar will downturn those markets.

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TREND ALERT: Market Peak? Gold Bottom? Here's the Trend

Market Peak? Gold Bottom? Here's the Trend

KINGSTON, NY, 25 JULY 2018—Monday the Nasdaq hit a record high. Tuesday the Dow jumped 200 points led by Google-parent Alphabet's strong earnings. Today the Dow closed up 172 points.

As for gold, now trading in the $1,230 range per ounce, and down over 10 percent from its mid-April high of $1,365.23, investors and hedge funds are betting prices will fall even lower.

Which trends will continue? Which will reverse?


Globally, the nine-year market surge was fueled by a historic cheap money binge that is beginning to dry up.

In the U.S., as a result of generous corporate tax breaks, equities this year were boosted by a record setting $437 billion dollars in stock buybacks. And the markets would be in negative territory if it were not for Amazon and four tech companies' soaring stock prices.

On a grander scale, we warned in one of our Top Trends for 2018, "Mass Murder, Market Shock," that a U.S./Israel/Saudi Alliance forming against Iran would destabilize markets worldwide.