June 2018

A wild ride into the future


What a year this has been, and there is more to come. We’re only half way there. 

And among the gloom, doom, survivalist crowd, they fear that with an international cast of lunatics in charge, they won’t be ringing in the New Year.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Or, is it the end of an era past and the birth of a New World Order?

1: Cryptomania Cash-In


THIS WAS OUR 2018 TREND FORECAST: Crypto growth in 2018 will ignite from three arenas: customized innovations by nations creating their own crypto currencies; the evolution of new technologies, making it easier to trade digital currencies; and launches of crypto futures trading exchanges such as Cboe Global Market's Futures Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Nasdaq, etc. But as trading intensifies, so too will market swings.

Trend forecast

We maintain our forecast of long-term cryptocurrency growth, and a majority of the wealthiest people in the world agree. According to the Capgemini World Wealth Report 2018, 55 percent of millionaires surveyed said they had moderate to high interest in buying or holding digital currency assets.

2: Driverless Car Cliff


THIS WAS OUR 2018 TREND FORECAST: The Trends Research Institute forecast that truly autonomous vehicles and driverless taxis flooding the freeways, highways and side streets of a country near you is a geek-fed fantasy for another lifetime. 

However, we do forecast that autonomous vehicles specifically engineered for mining, trucking, city busing – moving people or cargo from point A to point B on specific routes — is the near/midterm future for driverless vehicles.

Trend forecast

While the Trends Research Institute does not provide financial advice, we forecast trends that identify favorable or unfavorable investment and profit opportunities. The mantra that driverless cars will become the norm by 2030 is simply and overwhelmingly not supported by our trend-line data. We continue to forecast that, for the foreseeable future, self-driving vehicles will be specialty items limited to use in narrow tasks such as in mining operations, shuttling cargo, and along short, pre-defined routes.

Trend forecast

An oil-price shock, whether or not triggered by rising prospects for war or geo-political unrest in the Middle East, will rattle markets weak and strong across the globe. We affirm our forecast that the Trump stock market rally is over and that global economies, particularly in China, India, Europe and Emerging Markets will continue to shift downward.

4: Blockchain Democracy


THIS WAS OUR 2018 TREND FORECAST: As dissatisfaction of political institutions worldwide continues to accelerate, Direct Democracy will increase and gain momentum in 2018, as Blockchain Democracy becomes recognized as a global standard.

One criticism of Direct Democracy is that “We The People” are too stupid to think for ourselves. Want a bigger military budget? Want to go to war? Like the current U.S. tax bill? Who do you trust to make those decisions? Yourself or politicians and special interest groups?

Trend forecast

In 2018, trust in Blockchain technology to support online voting will continue to grow. The technology will increasingly demonstrate efficiency, security, accuracy and low cost. Moreover, as dissatisfaction with political institutions accelerates globally, Direct Democracy will gain momentum.

5: Interactive U: The India Model


THIS WAS OUR 2018 TREND FORECAST: The process of integrating VR-ED and Interactive-U learning into aspects of traditional education is a megatrend of 2018 that a growing number of community, political and business leaders will advocate.

Trends are born, they grow, mature, reach old age and die. The Industrial Age education model is dying; an Interactive-U has been born.