April 2018

Markets Peaked. U.S. Promoting Iran War

DEAR SUBSCRIBERS: Gerald Celente thanks you all for your warm, sincere thoughts and condolences during the last few days as he and his family cope with their loss. Regular Trends In The News broadcasts will resume Monday, May 7. In the meantime, please tune in tomorrow night (Friday, May 4 at 6 p.m.) to a new episode in our Friday Trends Special series: Happy, Healthy and Healed: The OnTrendpreneur

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Gerald Celente - Stansberry Radio - April 25, 2018

Gerald Celente, joins the show to explain his methodology of spotting future economic, social, and technology trends. Porter asks Gerald how massive corporate and consumer debt is weighing on markets and what he thinks about the possibility of a populist debt jubilee. Gerald tells you why what’s happening in the Middle East right now can send a shockwave through the equity markets, and how autonomous driving is still a “nerdy pipe dream” that’s decades away from becoming reality.

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