November 2017

Globalnomic 2017 report


It’s one year since underdog reality-show champion Donald Trump won the White House. Against all odds, equity markets have reached new highs despite his poll numbers hitting new lows.

This is an important fact the media ignore: Political emotions have nothing to do with market realities. According to the media and public perception, it wasn’t supposed to be like this.


What is barely noted in this zero interest-rate policy climate — which has fueled market growth by allowing corporations to do stock buybacks and accelerate merger-and-acquisition activity that, again, by all data points has further enriched the rich — is the toll on the average man and woman. Lacking the wealth to gamble in markets and concerned about secure investments, the ultra-low interest-rate policy has prohibited the average person from reasonable interest earnings once available by putting money in banks’ saving accounts or certificates of deposit.

Megatrend: Middle East war drums are beating


While the media keep the public focused on escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea, our focus is on the Middle East.

And our eye is on 32-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, installed as the nation’s de facto leader.

In early November, the crown prince staged a palace purge, arresting and seizing the assets of princes, ministers, office holders, businessmen and prominent public figures.

Trend Forecast

Branding Iran and Hezbollah as a common enemy has formed a historic and unprecedented alliance among Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, the United States and Israel, giving them license, at the slightest provocation, false flag or real, to strike at will against Iran and/or Lebanon. That will ignite war throughout the Middle East… and possibly worldwide.


What is continually omitted from the propaganda presstitute coverage are the Saudi war crimes and aggression against Yemen, an innocent country that has a right to defend itself and attack the attacker.

In a broader sense, this is the same murderous mentality that prevails throughout most of the Western world.

For example, it is fine for the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada and its coalition of the killing to murder millions in wars they declare against sovereign nations they occupy.

Profits from prophets


If paranoia is the fear of an irrational threat, is it irrational to prepare for an apocalyptic event such as an asteroid hit?

What about a North Korean nuke attack? Monster hurricane? Global banking system crash? Mega stock-market collapse? Or even a solar storm knocking out the power grid?

Once the realm of overly cautious civil-defense planners and wackos, American survivalists sense the worst is just around the corner.

Trend Forecast

Survivalists put their trust in themselves. The business of survival will increasingly focus on creating products and services that give a wider range of customers not only a gateway to living independently, but to enjoy quality lives as well.