The war is on! The fight between governments which will demand mass vaccinations and those opposing them will rage across much of the world. 

In many Asian countries, such as China, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam, the vast majority of the population will accept government mandates for COVID vaccinations.

Among many Western nations, however, there will be strong political forces forming new political parties to counter ruling establishments that impose rules and regulations in violation of Constitutions and the Bill of Rights. 

It should be noted that in Denmark earlier this month, the government proposed a new law that would force its citizens to get a COVID vaccination. After nine days of protests, the proposal was dropped. 


Another platform of newly-forming political parties will anti-tax. For example, with schools closed and learning online, taxpayers will demand sharp decreases in school taxes. Far fewer teachers will be needed, and all costs related to brick-and-mortar school buildings will be substantially lower, thus, taxes should be sharply cut.

And, overall, with businesses going bust and tax revenues decreasing, governments will attempt to raise taxes to make up for the shortfall. With people earning less and economically distressed, they will rise up against governments raising taxes.

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  1. Philip Zyrski 2 years ago

    Being ripped off out of our wealth by paying taxes and this same government telling us what to think, what to believe and what to do and say?!?! This won’t last long.

  2. roksteady 2 years ago

    Possibly. Too many people are looking for an individual to unite behind but, failing the second coming of Jesus, no such person exists. Also, should such a movement form behind or be led by a single person then that movement will be undermined when said leader is assassinated, just in the media if they’re lucky. We’ve seen how TPTB treat such threatening people and movements – from JFK, MLK and Malcolm X to Lennon, Marley and, most recently, Jeremy Corbyn in the UK as domestic examples and Venezuela, Bolivia, Iraq, Libya and Iran as international examples – populist leaders and movements are mercilessly targeted for destruction unless they are organisations of manufactured dissent/controlled opposition.

    With the stranglehold of information that big tech and the MSM have and are in the process of consolidating I find it hard to see how antitax and antivax movements will be able to launch and promote themselves. We are living in the early days of totalitarian information control and mass censorship, the very aim of which is to prevent such movements from arising. I hope you’re right, but I struggle to be optimistic. The infrastructure and technology deployed against such people/movements has been refined and perfected over centuries. Those who truly understand it are either abusers or victims of such and those who are neither are sadly incapable of comprehending it and, thus, coping with its onslaught.

  3. rick armbruster 2 years ago

    A school district in North Texas floated 5 proportions to raise millions and millions of dollars. The propositions were to refurbish sports stadiums and fund technology expenditures as well as build several new schools. Not one of the 5 proportions passed. All were rejected by 55% or more of voters and two were rejected by over 60%. It was a landslide defeat for more spending.

  4. rick armbruster 2 years ago


  5. Eagle11 2 years ago

    It is one thing to mount an offensive so government cannot compel anyone to take a vaccine, but the problem is that private businesses and corporations plan on making a covid vaccine a requirement to do business.

    One by one, they all will require ‘vaccination passports’ in order to fly, ride, go to school, see a physician/dentist, and more.

    That is a much tougher nut to crack. but if it must be done. Otherwise your choices are to be poisoned and/or DNA altered from bill and melinda gates’ approved vaccines, or have no life.

    Neither is acceptable.

  6. seroj gharibian 2 years ago

    i’ve read three groups are exempt from vaccination first are pregnant women second are children under 16 and third who had a severe reaction by previous vaccines like Autism, of course they don’t admit autism caused by vaccine but ask me and other Autistic parents how everything changed after vaccination, a verbal child became nonverbal, a quit child start tantrums overnight and never stops, smart child became disable, no more vaccine for me or my son, i pass it to Bill Gates family

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