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By Paul Craig Roberts

A sure sign of a country’s collapse is the open corruption of its public and private institutions. When corruption no longer has to be hidden but can be openly flouted, the values and standards that comprised the country’s soul have eroded.

Try to find an American institution that is not corrupt. Even when presented with the COVID threat, the U.S. public health system could not rise above the greed for profit. Effective cures, such as HCQ and Ivermectin, were demonized and prohibited in many states. Most COVID deaths are the result of non-treatment. 

Throughout the alleged “COVID Pandemic,” regulatory agencies, health bureaucracies, medical associations, state governors, media, and Big Pharma have acted to prevent any alternative to a vaccine.

From Day One, the emphasis was on the profits from a vaccine. To get people to submit to an experimental and untested vaccine required the absence of cures. To keep the road open only for a vaccine, even supplements such as NAC, which has shown effectiveness as both preventative and treatment of COVID, have been challenged by the FDA in its use as a supplement. In response, Amazon, a major online marketer of dietary supplements, removed NAC from its offerings. 

The generation of fear was essential to stampeding people to line up to be vaccinated. The fear was supplemented by threats of inability to travel, attend sporting events, and resume working at one’s job. 

A COVID test, known as PCR, was intentionally run at high cycles known to result in a very high percentage of false positives. These false positives guaranteed a high infection rate that scared people silly. Economic incentives were used for hospitals to report all deaths as COVID deaths, thus greatly exaggerating COVID’s mortality.

As you might have noticed, last winter had no reporting of flu cases, as deaths from the flu were added to the COVID statistics.

A number of reports have been published that the COVID vaccine does not prevent some vaccinated people from coming down with COVID. Other reports say that vaccinated people become spreaders of COVID. There are also reports of a large number of deaths and injuries from the COVID vaccine. 

To suppress the facts and keep the COVID vaccine selling, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which supported running the PCR test at high cycles to inflate the number of COVID cases, now runs the PCR test on infected vaccinated people at much lower cycles to minimize the number of vaccinated people who come down with COVID. 

To further create an artificial picture of the vaccine’s effectiveness, asymptomatic and mild infections are excluded from the reporting of vaccinated people who catch COVID. Only vaccinated people who catch COVID who have to be hospitalized or die from it are counted among the people who caught COVID despite being vaccinated. However, unvaccinated people with only minor symptoms or false positives from a high cycle PCR test are added to the number of COVID cases. (See Zero Hedge article and OffGuardian article.)

This is an obvious and blatant manipulation of statistics to scare people about COVID while reassuring them about the vaccine’s effectiveness. Overstating the number of cases among the unvaccinated while simultaneously understating the number of people who caught COVID despite being vaccinated is shameless and protects the contrived picture of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

The falsification of statistics to produce massive public fear and the prevention of treatment with known safe and effective cures to maximize death rates produced billions of dollars in profits for Big Pharma and associated industries, with Moderna’s CEO topping the list of nine new billionaires made rich from the rollout of COVID vaccines. These billionaires rode to their riches on the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people who died from an enforced lack of treatment – mandated deaths to protect vaccine profits. (See RT article.)

Will anything be done about this extraordinary corruption of the American public health system?

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  1. Kellie Auld 1 year ago

    The medical system has been corrupt for a long time. You can go back in history to prove this. What saddens me most of all is the ignorance of the general population based on nothing but laziness and lack of critical thinking skills. Easy to scam a dense population…just feed them the information you want them to believe. They will listen to the mainstream and go back to their junk food, video games and other forms of entertainment. Brain dead society. Voila!

    • Mary Martin 1 year ago

      Totally agree with you. I was shocked by all the stupid and gullible people rushing to get the shot. They did not do any research re the “shot” and believed the 95% effective rate which is relative risk and meaningless. Absolute rate is 0.74%. These shots are dangerous and ineffective to say the least.

  2. ChrisQ 1 year ago

    Quite true about the brain dead society. Most people I meet are nice enough, but mentally, they present as either bone lazy or just low IQ. Can’t be bothered to (re)search for knowledge and truth, and too fearful to think for themselves. Ever was it so, I suppose, and fear is really destructive of all right thinking and living.

  3. Jim Blanchard 1 year ago

    Our health care system is not about health. It’s about prescriptions and procedures.
    This article clarifies the “vaccine” situation better than any other I have read.

  4. harlow53 1 year ago

    When a nation has the TOP HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR CREATING AND FUNDING A GENE THERAPY BIO-WEAPON TO RELEASE ON THE WORLD POPULATION for prestige, financial gain, support the WHO, UN, WEF GREAT RESET and in general commit criminal activities that are a present danger to all humanity, something or someone must point to the universal corruption of all health system corruption and its hypocrisy and danger!!!

    The following article from Dr Mercola clearly outlines the corruption in the healthcare industry worldwide:
    I Wuhan Lab Caught Deleting Files Proving Fauci Funding
    Check out this story on

  5. Barney Rubble 1 year ago

    I have for a long time thought the average person was not very bright , however i was not expecting to witness such a level of stupidity . Truly taken my breath away . Very very disturbing . Sadly our criminal so called elite are validated in their belief that the masses are dumb cattle and need herding . Those capable of critical thinking are simply mocked by the brain dead .

  6. a1achiropractic 1 year ago

    I am disheartened by the number of people who believe and follow all the covid rules. To be fair many of these have been duped by the MSM and the lies put forth by corrupt government agencies. They are not alternative savvy in their media use or their health care choices. They cannot grasp the fact that the governmental and economic policies that control their country are those of crony capitalism. Many are victims of subversion by the progressive mentalities they come in contact with, those that teach them the pure poison of social justice, critical race theory and LGBTQWXYZ?!? dogma. These things are the true plandemic that opened our country to devastation. Perhaps they are simple, surely they are gullible, but mostly they are trusting. Our contempt should not be for them, but, for those who mislead them. Our compassion should be for those who are duped and perhaps doomed to die. We should keep our peace with them, no one likes to hear I told you so.
    One of the most disheartening things of last year for me was watching people who did not really need PPP money take it with the excuse that if I don’t someone else will or my banker told me I should because the program was there. These were not the classes of the brainwashed or someone owes me something that we like to look down on. These were the greedy class and they are just as responsible or more so, because they know better. This country suffers from the 7 Deadly Sins.

  7. malvarez 1 year ago

    Great article. Our healthcare system is ran by the american medical association. This article illuminates american greed at its finest. For those that want to know more about the topic. Their was a dude named eustace mullins that wrote a book titled: murder by injection. He details the birth of our healthcare system. He does have some existing youtube commentaries supporting what the author of this article highlights. Also, if any of you experience any negative experiences with your healthcare provide or its staff or anyone with this system. Please file a grievance with your healthplan.

  8. Robert 1 year ago

    People voted for people who hated our President for FOUR YEARS and continue to do so even though he is out. Very strange behavior for people to hate in a deranged way unless they were programmed to do so with propaganda. Now we are led by a ruling class of cronies and incompetents who have the power, but have no morals.

  9. najaradio 1 year ago

    That is what they mean to say. Brilliant.
    They’re scumgangs.

    95% effective rate = 5% efficacy.
    0.74% effective rate = 26 % efficacy.

  10. […] gene modification and then there was an accident, somebody was infected…it is possible.” (See “AMERICA’S PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM IS UTTERLY CORRUPT” and “BERKSHIRE BILLIONAIRE WHO MADE A FORTUNE INVESTING IN COMPANIES THAT CONTRIBUTED TO U.S. […]

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