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Howard Stern, the arrogant "shock jock," has joined the coterie of comedy elites publicly equating the COVID vaccine with "freedom" and/or ridiculing and expressing their contempt for those who see vaccine mandates, mask mandates and other restrictions as abridgements of freedom.

Trends Journal has reported many similar remarks; "'CELEBRITIES' VAX SMART, YOU'RE STUPID," 3 August 2021 for example, cites such shining intellectual lights as Sean Penn and Joy Behar, who got a resounding "Amen!" from her audience when she rhetorically asked, about those who choose not to be vaccinated, "Why is their freedom more important than my freedom to not get sick?" "CELEBRITY SELLOUTS SELL COVID VAX" 18 May 2021 lists over a dozen more.

And such sentiments are hardly limited to the “celebrities” of the entertainment world; "health experts" and political leaders have expressed the same attitude. See, for example, "DE BLASIO: FORCED VAXX = FREEDOM," 27 July 2021, "ABC NEWS PUSHES VAX CARDS AS 'TICKET TO FREEDOM'" 30 March 2021.

But Stern, as reported 8 September by (and elsewhere) has one-upped even Arnold Schwarzenegger, who famously said "Screw your freedom!" 

Speaking about other radio hosts, such as Marc Bernier and Phil Valentine (both had publicly resisted getting vaccinated and then contracted the virus and died), the Sirius XM host employed even coarser language than Schwarzenegger to mock them and express his utter disdain for anyone daring to question the wisdom of dutifully lining up to submit to the COVID jab.

On top of declaring "Fuck their freedom, I want my freedom to live," Stern labeled as "idiots" and "imbeciles" all those who refused to be vaccinated, exhorting such persons to "Go fuck yourself!" 

Stern's second banana, Robin Quivers, added that she has trouble "drumming up compassion" for "people that stupid that they wind up dying." 

But that "lack of compassion" is all the rage now among the glitterati, who seem to be trying to outdo one another in their opprobrium for those who don't march in lockstep with the official "vaccines for everyone" narrative. The new talking point is that, if you oppose mandatory, universal vaccination, you are pure evil and deserve to catch COVID-19 and die.

Another who's been vociferous in his lack of compassion for the folks he calls "pan-dimwits" is late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel. While not employing the vocabulary of Howard Stern, Kimmel was still, in the guise of comedy, in full attack mode as he unabashedly called for death of the unvaccinated. 

Kimmel then (in the words of Alex Jones, whom Kimmel assailed) "regurgitated" the narrative ridiculing human use of the veterinary anti-parasite drug ivermectin as an alternative treatment for COVID-19, willfully ignoring that ivermectin has been packaged and prescribed for human use and has proven effective against a range of illnesses including coronaviruses.  

Kimmel's rant, and Alex Jones's response, can be viewed here

TREND FORECAST: How low can America go? Look at the class of little no-nothing Liars, Cowards, Freaks and Fools running the nation, states and cities; the imbecilic media morons delivering what idiots call “news”; the arrogant class of “educators” brainwashing children of K-12; the Banksters, Wall Street Mob, Hi-Tech Low Lifes and Drug Dealers that the masses call Big Pharma. 

And as the cover of this Trends Journal illustrates, the way the people look, is the way they act and feel. 

Unless Americans regain their health in mind, body and spirit, the end of the American dream will further deteriorate into a 24/7 nightmare.

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  1. harlow53 1 year ago

    I find it very serious when it is trendy for Media Celebrities like Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel to tell anyone who refuses to submit to the Crime Syndicates like Big Pharma, Government Industrial Complexes and Drug Pushing entities that they should be imprisoned or exterminated because the unvaccinated refuse to take killer vaccines!!!

    I can’t find the expansive four letter words to adequately express myself that will suffice the real animosity I feel for the stupidity of my fellow citizens who fell for the pressure campaigns and lies being used to coherse us!!!

    I sold my property in Colorado after 45 years of occupancy because I refuse to be intimidated by a shithead Governor who is married to a man and calls themselves a normal married couple. I find it offensive that these freaks think they can dictate my life because they are part of a freak show government!!!

    I am now in Montana and I am quietly regaining my rights and freedoms!!!

  2. Kieran Simpson 1 year ago

    ‘They’ have over many years finally destroyed every aspect of civilisation, Time for the crumble. ” Soon will this present day Order be rolled up and a new one spread out in it’s stead” Baha’i Writings

  3. Kellie Auld 1 year ago

    I have been completely stunned from day one by the stupidity of the people who are getting suckered into this ‘plandemic’. . . but when you recognize how many have been brain dead for so long, I guess it stands to reason. When I go out walking, I see people’s TV sets on in every household, glued to the evening news. It sickens me to see polls (one of which was recently run on a mainstream news outlet) asking how many are in favour of locking up the un-injected (I refuse to call it a vaccine…it is not). What is being done by the pharmaceutical industry and the crooks that own them is illegal, but no one will stand up. This plan has been in the works for many, many years and our children have been getting indoctrinated in the school system to love socialism…little do they realize it’s not socialism but totalitarianism, which they clearly do not understand. It’s nice to think we’ll go down fighting, but when the militia come to kick in your door, I’d say we’re done. I know people do not like to hear what I am about to say – but you better get right with God folks – this world is rapidly dying and it’s time to put your sights on eternity.

    • Bragi Sigurdsson 1 year ago

      I think we still have a chance. If those of us that are awake can communicate facts via humor, many people will come out of their hypnotic slumber and see the absurdity of it all. The worst we can do is call people stupid to their face, if we can make them laugh about how ludricous so much of this is, more people will wake up.

  4. Brenda Lowell 1 year ago

    Why would anyone listen to celebrities when it comes to something as important as your own life and freedom of good health?! Here’s the deal! Do your OWN research!! Start with Dr. Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, latest book on AMAZON called, “IS COVID-19 A BIOWEAPON? A SCIENTIFIC AND FORENSIC INVESTIGATION”. He addresses the Gain of Function important element exacerbating the virus. He also says in ‘Forward’, p.V, “This book is designed to expose once and for all those criminally responsible for the bioweapon known as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.” Dr. Fleming also sites, “those responsible for violating the Biological Weapons Convention treaty, the Nuremberg Code, or the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) treaty. Those knucklehead celebrities tell you that while flinging their wild, ignorant insults to get the shots?!! Also, his website: His studies of mRNA were in 1994 researching for a cure for cancer and mRNA failed miserably killing off most of lab animals. Then, the FDA, refused to advance anything with mRNA. Dr. Fleming also highlights a copy of the reports from Pfizer and Moderna sent to FDA , with both companies maintaining the shots DO NOT prevent you from getting COVID-19. It only lessens some of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. But then, you’ve got the damn side-effects to deal with.
    Dr. Fleming lists them in detail with some being equivalent to a form of encephalitis of the ‘mad cow’ disease and dementia. Other websites, like lists the other ingredients in the jab, as follows: FORMALDEHYDE/FORMALIN- highly systemic poison and carcinogen. BETAPROPRIOLACTON – toxic chemical and carcinogen may cause death and permanent injury after very short exposure to small quantities. Corrosive chems. HEXADECYLTRIMETHYLAMMONIUM BROMIDE – may cause liver damage, cardiovascular and central nervous system.
    May cause reproductive effects and birth defects. ALUMINUM HYDROXIDE, ALUMINUM PHOSPHATE, ALUMINUM SALTS – all neurotoxins. Goes straight to brain, THIMEROSAL- neurotoxin, induces cellular damage, POLYSORBATE 80 & 20- trespasses blood/brain barrier and carries with it aluminum, thimerosal, viruses, allowing it to enter brain….and a whole lot of other disgusting list of hazardous ingredients. Someone should tell these ‘genius’ celebrities, that these vaxs were only PHASE 2 of a PHASE 4 approval from FDA. Phase 3 is the animal studies and guess what?! Those that elected to take vax out of fear and control, YOU are the animal study being done right NOW! Check out: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Her website: or Also, has lots of good segments with Stu Peters and Dr. Ruby explaining lots of info. Also other stories of people suffering from vaccines now warning us NOT to take them. Go to:, an organization run by Robert Kennedy, Jr.. A great one is: Dr. Simone Gold at: Dr. Simone Gold’s website offers two sections for help, one for medical and one for legal, fighting to protect your rights not to take employer mandated vaxxs. Catherine Austin Fitts, a very intelligent and generous woman in the financial world, has opted without charge, legal forms to help keep your rights without fear of vaccine mandates: They are free and you can tweak them with lawyer to serve your personal needs in protecting yourself / job / children at school / etc. Go to: VAERS a site for collecting data on adverse effects set up by CDC and I think FDA. Dr. Tenpenny says to note that maybe only 10% of all adverse and death events get reported, so numbers are suspected way below actual numbers. You may ask, “WHY?!! WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT ALLOWING ALL THIS?! WHY ARE SO MANY DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS NOT FORTH COMING WITH THIS INFORMATION?!” Well, here is where you have to do some more research. Read about Klaus Schwab, CEO, World Economic Forum’s plans for the world. Also, UN Agenda 2030. THE GREAT RESET!

  5. Brenda Lowell 1 year ago

    One point I forgot to mention in previous comment…come this fall/winter always comes a new strain of virus. Any self-respecting virus always mutates. It has to, to stay alive. Well, people who took the shot, took a “vaccine” that is a mRNA “vaccine”, first of its kind ever released. And as written in previous comment, Dr. Fleming reported having disastrous effects on lab animals. Ask your doctor or employer forcing you to take the “vaccine” how many studies of this mRNA have been done on humans, pregnant women, children before released to public. Anyway, now because people who have taken the COVID-19 shot, we all get to learn a new term called, “ANTIBODY DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT”, which is a scientific term for the immune NOT being able to take on any new viruses. LEARN THIS TERM, BECAUSE THOSE OF US UNVACCINATED, WILL BE BLAMED FOR THOSE WHO ARE VACCINATED FOR INCREASED DEATH RATES THIS FLU SEASON! Those who took the “vaccine” have a compromised immune now making spike proteins all the time overworking the immune. They are not going to do well this flu season. Maybe there are things to take and support the immune, I don’t know. I accidentally saw on CNN last June, them already putting forth the narrative to those unvaccinated will infect even those who took the vaccine. Nice bait and switch game going on to keep the vaccinated rate up, while causing more chaos and deaths. Truth is, the unvaccinated is more at risk, than the vaccinated, because the vaccinated have now produced so many spike proteins, they are “shedding” or “transmitting” those spike proteins through their airways. A person unvaccinated can get the spike protein from those “shedding or transmitting”. Women without taking “vaccine” working around others who did, see funny changes in menstrual periods, shedding of uterus and on and on. So, its the VACCINATED that are really putting the rest of us at risk. You parents that want to “vaccinate” your kids should be arrested!!! Young healthy kids are 99.99% at recovery rate should they catch it. Give them the shot and you are looking at sterile boys and girls, myocarditis, swelling of the heart, blood clots, thrombosis, not to mention all the other demonic, chemical ingredients to ruin your kids health. And don’t forget, there is NO one to sue when you’re left to raise a paralyzed or mentally slow child! Big Pharma were protected by law called Prep Act, a long time ago, passed by our traitor friends in congress. They can produce anything they want and not be held accountable for any damages. Isn’t our federal government suppose to protect us? Don’t they swear an oath to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic?!! And how about doctors, what about their oath, “First do NO HARM”?!! It’s not such a silent war raging right now and you better do your own research and stop relying on the government, doctors, Big Pharma, hospitals and all others compliant in this conspiracy working this depopulation program. Stay the hell out of the hospitals…they are death traps now! Beef up your immune system now…check with doctor, if you dare, or pharmacist, load up on Vit C. , A, D3, Zinc and look into taking some iodine…have to go thru doctor on this one. Youtube a Dr. Brownstein on Iodine and Iodide and see importance of producing T-cells that help fight infection. Exercise, get enough sleep, eat organic, stop with the fabric softeners, colognes and all that other smelly chemical crap out there. You don’t need it. The more chemical crap you put in your body, the more time it has to spend on removing/detoxing, and less on fighting infections! Here’s one more somber website to go to help prepare: “WHEN THE FLU SEASON COMES, THE CHAOS WILL BEGIN. PREPARE YOURSELVES NOW – BROTHER ALEXIS BUGNOLO. There is an elite sector running this “shit show” and as George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”

  6. Sarah Krupinski 1 year ago

    Thanks for making me feel sane.all where I live are brainwashef.i pray and meditate your George Carlin references one of my fav comedians along with bill hicks. George done that sketch about a virus killing off humans.he definitely knew what was what so intelligent,articulate and funny. If he were alive today love to hear him do comedy sketch on the whole freak show that’s happening.god bless and stay well.lena💖💛💚💜💙💖💚🌹❤ nottingham uk.praying to see whole corrupt government stand trial for war crimes against humanity.🙏🙏🙏

  7. ZEBB 1 year ago

    Howard stern ? A maggot with glasses that wriggled off the hook only to be eaten by the banking cartels. What happened Howie ? Got caught with your pants down ???? Naughty boy 👦

  8. Craig Amos 1 year ago

    Why would I give a crap what Howard Stern says? He is just another media celebrity who thinks he is better than the rest of us, but he is just a jerk with a microphone.

  9. Eagle11 1 year ago

    Thank you Brenda for the time and effort you put in to post the above.

    I am taking my young ‘un to the doctor for a required, routine physical and I will use this to stand my ground.

    How do we prevent cps from declaring you an unfit parent for refusing to sacrifice your children on the altar of covid removing them from the home? Have you seen Australia – it’s done all the time.

  10. Matt 1 year ago

    Coward Stern is as irrelevant than ever.

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