1. Philip Zyrski 2 weeks ago

    What a slap in the face we received as citizens. back in 2001, we went to invade Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, who we suspect was aiding and sheltering Osama bin Laden, despite the fact is was allegedly found and killed in Tora Bora, Pakistan. Then, after 19 years later and trillions of dollars wasted, we made a peace treaty with the Taliban. Not to mention with the Afganistan Papers, we were liur own officials who supposed to care and protect their valuable American citizens, repeadedly lied to us for almost 2 decades!

  2. vanderV 2 weeks ago

    According to Patricia Negron on, Opium production was at an all time low before the US reinvaded in 2001. The Taliban had halted production. Since 2001, opium production has increased nearly every year. We have an opioid crisis here in America – a business opportunity for Big Pharma, naturally, not something it would actually want to alleviate. Opium is likely one of the main, if not the main reason the US will not leave Afghanistan.

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