A website article by an ABC News paid medical mouthpiece this past week exhorted vaccine takers not to lose track of their vaccination cards.

Dr. Leah Croll, M.D., a neurology resident at NYU Langone Health and a “contributor to the ABC News Medical Unit,” said COVID vaccination cards “could be your ticket to freedom in the coming months—so it should be protected as such.”

Predictably, the comment section for her story was disabled, allowing no say for those who might have opinions of their own about vaccination-tied restrictions.

Croll noted that vaccination cards contain information including the brand of vaccine received and the date(s) of immunization. She said that according to public health experts, “It’s crucial to keep that information handy in case you need it to prove your vaccination status or to streamline possible future booster shots.”

Many people lining up to get their vaccinations aren’t aware of Croll’s suggestion that the current COVID vaccines are likely just the first in an endless series of “booster” vaccinations, just as many Americans are deceived about the actual lethality of the virus, which is much lower than many government authorities and media experts have proclaimed over the course of the pandemic.

New studies, including a recent antibody study done by Lenexa, a Kentucky-based medical insurance provider, have indicated that actual cases of coronavirus infection have likely been undercounted by as much as 50 percent. That means the death rate from the virus is even lower than the under one-percent figure now generally accepted.

Real-world data continues to pour in how the COVID pandemic has been wildly overblown, mismanaged, and “mis-modeled.” 

Tragic Mismanagement and Wrong Predictions Covered Up by Media

States such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan forced elderly COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes to infect others during the early months of the pandemic, with tragic consequences.

At the same time, they ignored rapidly emerging data that otherwise healthy people under 60 had very little risk of being seriously affected by the virus, and those under 18 were practically impervious to it. Despite the data, which is now crystal clear, whole populations have been lurching in and out of various levels and “color codes” of lockdowns.

As many as a third of small businesses failed in 2020 in states that opted for rigid lockdowns. Workers deemed “unessential” have lived in limbo, existing on extended unemployment benefits, periodic COVID checks, and temporary reprieves from college debt payments and even rent payments.

Quality of education, conducted for the most part remotely, has plummeted, more so for minority populations.

No matter. Governments, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and consumer giants like Amazon and Walmart have obscenely increased their power and profited in one way or another off the pandemic, compared to the average American. And, so, it is not surprising that corporate media and social platforms continue to propagandize for acquiescence to invasive controls, surveillance, and medical interventions.

Ironically, the most invasive medical intervention ever foisted on Americans is being pushed in the name of restoring “Freedom.” As Croll noted in her article, “Proof of vaccination may allow us to begin resuming our normal activities in the near future.”

Speaking about the use of vaccination cards for possible further future vaccinations, Croll referenced Dr. Krutika Kuppalli, vice chair of the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s global health committee and “an emerging leader in biosecurity” at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

“Although vaccine studies are still ongoing, the vaccine brand and lot number in your card may be relevant when the time comes for a booster dose,” Croll noted about Kuppalli’s recommendations.

If “Johns Hopkins” rings a bell, perhaps it’s because the Center for Health Security was a main player in “Event 201,” a 2018 exercise that simulated a pandemic, complete with draconian restrictions and vaccine rollouts that just happened to presage much of what has now occurred with the COVID pandemic.

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  1. lvblasiotti 2 years ago


    In this 29 minute video presentation, Dr. Cole provides essential information for your health. YouTube has not yet removed it!
    The world has a Vitamin D deficiency which is the real problem; makes one immune deficient/suppressed. He discusses the astounding success of IVERMECTIN in helping to cure COVID. He also discusses other medication which help but only in the first two days of the virus. This doctor has a vast amount of experience. Highly recommended video.

  2. Craig Bradley 2 years ago


    Free to travel domestically IF all your papers are in-order “ver are your papers ? ” This sounds like a bad deal for any American who values freedom and living life outside of the office cubicle or personal bubble. Moreover, they can reestablish more restrictive travel rules on particular individuals or even groups ( such as Catholics) if they ever want to.. Its all arbitrary, not by law or by statute.

    Right now, CDC says no cruise ship can yet dock in Florida until this coming Nov. ( They keep pushing out full cruise ship operations.). Where is the “Science” in these restrictions to cruise ship business and tourism? To me, it looks like political payback to Gov. DeSantis for “not playing ball ” last year with stringent Covid lock-downs like Calif. and New York. We have a cold war going on right here at home between Red and Blue state values. That can not continue forever. Either the U.S. goes Red or it goes Code Blue.

  3. daniel chick 2 years ago

    That sounds as stupid as when my POS governor Deslime of Ohio said wearing masks are a ticket to freedom

  4. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    Apparently Dr. Leah Croll, M.D., a neurology resident at NYU Langone Health is unfamiliar with the renowned CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!
    Maybe she studied the Constitution of the Third Reich?

  5. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    Gov. DeSantis is a hero. I am seriously considering moving to Florida or Texas or Arizona. We will wait and see who the next governor of Virginia is before making that decision. The one we now have (a
    Democrat) is not much better than Cuomo! He is a proud and full blown abortionist. God help this country.

  6. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    How Many People Are The Covid Vaccines Killing?
    Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA
    Found 2,342 cases where Vaccine targets COVID-19 (COVID19) and Patient Died

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