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As per the politician and the Presstitutes, and the vaxxed advocates, the word on the street is that it is the un-jabbed who are spreading the virus and most susceptible to catching COVID. 

Studies conducted at Israel's Maccabi Healthcare and Tel Aviv University reported by UnHerd.com., and a study by Cell Reports Medicine found that a person with natural immunity was statistically less likely than the vaccinated person to contract the virus or to have a symptomatic case. 

Public Health England, as reported by The Exposé, found that not only have 70 percent of U.K. COVID-19 deaths since February have been in people who had been vaccinated, but that "the number of alleged deaths due to the Delta variant are not just higher among those who have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, they are astronomically higher."

The PHE study found 536 deaths among 219,716 confirmed cases in the unvaccinated population since February. This yields a case fatality rate of 0.2 percent. In the same period among the vaccinated population, however, there were 1,091 deaths among 113,823 cases. That yields a case fatality rate of 1 percent.

That PHE report concludes that the risk of death to those infected with the Delta variant increases significantly in those who have been fully vaccinated.

TRENDPOST: Not only are these findings not reported by the mainstream media and ignored by politicians and “health officials”... they contradict the latest statements from the Biden administration, which now officially (and angrily) characterize the "pandemic" as "a pandemic of the unvaccinated," and which appear to make the COVID War now a war against some 80 million (unvaccinated) Americans.

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  1. Amy D'Esposito 2 months ago

    This shift to the increased death rate in the vaccinated is also evidence of ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, in the works. If ADE really occurs on the scale that some epidemiologists and virologists, fear….there will be no denying the catastrophe that will follow.

    • Kellie Auld 2 months ago

      Exactly right! I keep wondering what this late fall and winter will look like. Could it be the ‘dark winter’ we’re hearing about???

  2. Kellie Auld 2 months ago

    When will the reality of what is happening wake people up? I still cannot fathom how it is that people can’t see that the so called more deadly virulent variants didn’t occur until the injections rolled out. It’s pretty simple…and anyone that knows anything about how viruses work, also knows that each variant is weaker. People will NEVER get their freedom because they can keep talking about variant after variant after variant and they will! I told friends (who refused to listen and basically called me a conspiracy theorist and tin foil hat wearer, anti-vax and whatever else they were programmed to say) that as soon as the injections rolled out they would see people really getting sick and dying and they’d call it a variant. Well, here we are folks…and yet the blind are more adamant than ever that what they see on MSM is truth and we’re all whack jobs. Unbelievable!!!!

    • Sarah Krupinski 2 months ago

      Hi I have the same problem.i have sisters we don’t get on I’ve not seen them for long time.last time I saw my sister outside the supermarket at the beginning of the pandemic( plandemic) she was wearing a mask and it was when the social distancing started march2020. I said hi and we got talking I tried to tell her about the vaccines but she just turned away from me and ignored me like I was crazy. I just left it at that.now over year has passed and I know that they all will have had the kill shot she has a disabled son and even although we don’t get on and she ignored me I can’t help but worry for them I feel sad that if they’ve had it I know what will happen to them.i’ve tried telling people I meet but all are brainwashed and just give me strange looks like I’m nuts.i go on Jeff reanc e website and David icke and listen to Jordan Maxwell as this keeps me sane in an insane culture we are living in.i often wonder why I’m aware but not others but I’ve always been interested in ufos and wondering why the world is the way it is.why is there so much violence and why people are so judgemental on anyone whodoesent follow the crowd?I would like to be able to wake people up to the truth but it seems they don’t want to know is it stupidity or ignorance?i meditate and pray every day just try and be happy but it’s hard sometimes when your sensitive and can feel the difference in people I do think backed have a strange vibe now worst than before they were vaxxed.any ideas on how to wake people up from the trance they are under?

  3. David Goldman 2 months ago

    I spend summer in NY I am a Korean Vet use VA often in Bronx VA you can get eye glasses free Democrat Liberal. In Florida Red State conservative state no free glasses WHY. All Americans. Only thanks for your service if you are Democrat.

  4. David Goldman 2 months ago

    We better fix Stupid or freedom gone in USA. At 87. I still love America and care

    • Alfonso Garcia 2 months ago

      I am 70 just a kid to you! But it’s getting difficult believe as you do. Stupid seem in control and Greed is assisting stupid, a dangerous combination.

  5. Alfonso Garcia 2 months ago

    Americans acting as movie characters, i recall movie characters acting as normal citizens. No super power and not so easily Scared.

  6. Mary Behrent 2 months ago

    David Goldman, the VA is a Federal Agency. The rules should not differ from NY to Florida. You should get free eye glasses in any state if indeed that is the rule of the Veteran’s Administration.

  7. Falk 2 months ago

    Great article. Thanks for the reference to the The Exposé article. That’s why I subscribe to the Trends Journal. =)

  8. […] showed that those with natural immunity were far better protected than those vaccinated—see "'A PANDEMIC OF THE UNVACCINATED,' OR JUST THE OPPOSITE?" (14 Sep 2021)—but it still moved the goalposts of herd immunity into faraway […]

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