“A BOUT TIME” by Stephen Green

  1. Dave from L.A. 3 weeks ago

    The real fight will be won when people stop social distancing their brain cells, and rub a couple together.

  2. harlow53 2 weeks ago

    I have macular degeneration in both eyes. I get shots in the eyes to stabilize my sight and halt the degeneration of my retinas. What is really frustrating is to go in for an appointment and be told you can’t be treated unless you submit to wearing a face mask at all times.

    While waiting for treatment, if your mask falls below your nose, the medical prostitutes will run 100 yards down the hall or across a room to chastise me for letting the mask fall. I am always remorseful until they turn and go away and Incan wait for the next medical nut to yell about the mask. THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!

    At home or when on my on, I refuse to wear a mash even though I carry one in my pocket if someone feels violated if I am not wearing one. We are creating a society of peer police based on a HOAX PANDEMIC funded by Globalists and Elites to Control and REDUCE HUMAN POPULATIONS WORLDWIDE!!!

    Gerald is right, THINK FOR YOURSELF, don’t bow to tyranny!!!

  3. Daniel Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    Thank you harlow53. I’m also tired of the young masked up people in stores reminding me to pull up my mask up over my nose. I could say much more but you’ve said it for me.

  4. David Hansen 2 weeks ago

    so, don’t wear a mask. I have not worn a mask one time ever. I will not go anywhere requiring them…and I do go to the Post Office, Home Depot, Major grocery stores, etc. I simply go where I need to an d simply refuse to wear one….end of story…very few places have stopped me…wrong…2 places I did not go to because of masks..that’s all in 11 months..2 times..quit being a big baby and get some courage, grow a pair, grow up..we either take our freedoms or we don’t.

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