Winter Trends Journal Released

Posted 2/5/15


Winter Trends Journal explores ominouseconomic signs, new energy, aging and more

KINGSTON, N.Y., 5 February 2015 - Providing deep analysis of critical global trends …

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Winter Trends Journal Released



Winter Trends Journal explores ominous
economic signs, new energy, aging and more

KINGSTON, N.Y., 5 February 2015 - Providing deep analysis of critical global trends emerging in geo-politics, economics, popular culture, aging and more, global forecaster Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute today published the Winter 2015 edition of the quarterly Trends Journal.

The magazine, available in both print and digital formats at, showcases analyses by Celente, economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, business journalist Nomi Prins, science writer Bennett Daviss and institute analysts.

The state of the global economy and, in particular, the strengthening trend of bankers and governments manipulating free markets to benefit the wealthy, are covered from a variety of perspectives.

Many of the institute's economic Top Trends for 2015, released in December and available at this link, are explored in depth in this edition. Most notably, Craig Roberts, the former assistant treasury secretary under President Reagan, writes in his piece on The Grand Manipulation, a top trend: "Americans are the most manipulated people in history. Since 2008, the economy has been manipulated for the benefit of a few oversized 'banks too big to fail.'" 

And, according to Celente: "the instability we are seeing in markets across the globe early in the year is the ominous sign that the effects of weakening economies around the world. Many nations are trending between depression, recession and stagnation," said Celente.

 "As currencies crash, desperate governments are taking desperate measures by dramatically lowering interest rates in hopes their devalued currencies will boost exports, or dramatically raising rates to stop their currencies' dramatic slide," he added.

This edition of the Trends Journal also includes an exhaustive analysis of the new energy playing field. The story breaks down why new and emerging energy sources will become dominant.” An unprecedented diversity of energy sources and players will come to market in 2015,” writes Daviss. “This breadth of sources reflects the underlying, long-term trend of the world’s shift away from fossil fuels.”

In Retrograde 2.0, Celente and his analysts provide a fascinating look at new opportunities to inspire millennials and other demographic groups by retrofitting the past to invigorate the present. 

“Today, there is nothing in pop culture or modern art that has the world abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm,” writes Celente. “Qualitatively and quantitatively, old-school values of integrity retrofitted for the future — not attitude and hype ― provide boundless opportunities to replace the bottom-line socioeconomic marketplace and lowest-common-denominator media mindset that now prevail…While those ‘days gone by’ cannot return, they can be retrofitted for Retrograde 2.0.”

Elsewhere, the Winter 2015 Trends Journal examines how advertisers, marketers and product developers are missing a grand opportunity to serve the evolving needs of boomers and seniors. Other stories explore trends in retail, gaming, cyber security and more.

The quarterly Trends Journal, available in both print and digital formats, provides trends analysis and forecasts across a wide range of topics. It is produced by Gerald Celente's Kingston, N.Y.-based Trends Research Institute's team of analysts. In addition to the magazine, the institute also publishes Trends Monthly, provides multimedia content for subscribers, and offers services for organizations and industries, including consulting, customized trend forecasting, keynote addresses and conferences at the institute's facilities. 


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