Trends Research Institute Conference A Hit

Posted 8/6/14


History Before It Happens Conference yields predictions, warnings and opportunities

KINGSTON, NY, 6 August — “Pay attention, stay alert.” That was, to …

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Trends Research Institute Conference A Hit



History Before It Happens Conference yields
predictions, warnings and opportunities

KINGSTON, NY, 6 August — “Pay attention, stay alert.” That was, to oversimplify, the dominant message of Gerald Celente’s keynote address at the History Before it Happens Conference, held August 1-3 at the Trends Research Institute.
In the course of a mesmerizing fusion of lecture and group discussion, Celente covered the current economic, political and social landscapes like a stone skipping across a tranquil pond, shattering the surface to reveal the trends and truths attendees had traveled to hear, some from across the globe.
“I really needed this,” said Vlad Komarek, an aircraft mechanic from Tulsa, Okla. “It’s great to be with people who are thinking, people who want a better world.”
In all, 40 people from five countries attended the conference, the first to be held at the institute’s headquarters in historic Kingston. A fall conference, History Before It Happens In Your Life, focused on how to prosper from trend tracking, is scheduled for October 17-19.

Celente delivered his keynote on Saturday morning in the institute’s restored 1774 Academy Building, an example, he said, of his real estate investment philosophy. “I only buy real estate I fall in love with,” he said. 

Though his property purchases may be ruled, at least in part, by his heart, Celente’s forecasts are grounded in fact. And the conference attendees were rewarded with precisely what they’d come for: Celente’s signature take on the state of just about everything that matters…
On the economy: “It’s a simple equation. The only thing keeping recovery alive is low interest rates. When the rates go up the economy will go down. The fact that the Chinese bubble is bursting will contribute to making the crash worse than it was before.” 
Where are the opportunities? “The middle class is at risk, it’s being squeezed and its spending power is diminished. Dollar stores may thrive, catering to the bottom economic rung, but the real money is to be made from the higher end of earners, and they will be demanding quality. The future of retail and services will be in higher quality products and services.”
The next big things: “In less than a decade, delivery of clean food and clean water will be among the main drivers of the global economy. In the US, longevity centers, serving the boomer population, will become a major industry and serve as the basis for a “whole health healing” trend extending deep into the century.”
On jobs: “We need to get our young people into serious tech-schools fine-tuned to the skills the economy needs and debunk the myths of a standard college education.”
It is impossible to hear Gerald Celente and not be left in awe by his holistic view of the world, his forecasts shored up by an ability to cite everything from pop culture to geopolitics, from current events to history.

"By any measure, our first conference was an enormous success," said Derek Osenenko, the institute's CEO. "The participants were as engaged, enlightened and motivated as anyone in the room. We all learned. We all walked away with a deeper understanding of the trend lines that matter most."

Information about the fall conference can be found HERE.
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