Gerald Celente's Summer Trends Journal Publishes

Posted 7/15/14


KINGSTON, NY, 15 July 2014 — Americans are down. Down on the president, down on Congress, …

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Gerald Celente's Summer Trends Journal Publishes



KINGSTON, NY, 15 July 2014 — Americans are down. Down on the president, down on Congress, down on corporate America and down on themselves. And it shows.

"The mega-trend that defined quality of life as recently as two generations ago was driven by pride in oneself and pride in one’s country," says global forecaster Gerald Celente. "It showed in how we acted, how we presented ourselves and how we took care of ourselves and our families. That has all changed."
In the Summer 2014 Trends Journal, Celente and his Trends Research Institute analysts analyze America's state of "I Don't Care" through a compelling, in-depth look at the culture America has become. "Too many have become homogenized, processed and packaged, like so much of the food, fashion, music and media that we consume," the Journal concludes. 

Several articles explore the dynamics that created the "I Don't Care" state and left many Americans feeling powerless. 
"That powerlessness is now fully reflected in the state of our physical, psychological and emotional health," writes Celente. "Beaten down and, so far, defeated by the chronic deception, lying and self-serving guile of our leaders, our self-respect is now counted among the casualties." 
The Summer 2014 Trends Journal also explores the disturbing trend of increasing police violence against vulnerable and innocent Americans with "Cops Gone Wild," by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. In the post-9/11 era, local police departments are ready for battle. Dr. Roberts observes that, "SWAT teams have become ubiquitous and they are armed with tanks, with MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Armored Fighting Vehicles), and BearCat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Trucks.) These military vehicles are in routine use, and the SWAT team breaking down your door has replaced the policeman knocking to present a summons." 
Elsewhere in this edition, the quarterly Globalnomics question-and-answer feature with Celente covers a range of topics, from rigged markets, to developments in Ukraine, to the state of the real estate market. Celente's Keynote column looks back on the lies and deceptions that laid the foundation for the Iraq War, a critical reminder, given today’s developments, of how history is repeating itself. 

Also covered are a series of megatrends, from retailers' failure to appeal to aging consumers, to the demise of the shopping mall, to an in-depth look at how weather extremes will directly affect specific regions across the globe.

The quarterly Trends Journal, available in both print and digital formats, provides trends analysis and forecasts across a wide range of topics. It is produced by Celente's Kingston, NY-based Trends Research Institute's team of analysts. In addition to the magazine, the institute provides multimedia content for subscribers at, and a number of services for organizations and industries, including consulting, customized trend forecasting, symposiums, keynote addresses and conferences at the institute's facilities. 

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