Find Your Future in Trends conference videos


Exclusive video of the Find Your Future in Trends conference, featuring top voices in economics, aging and pop culture, join the Trends Research Institute's Gerald Celente to explore a series of powerful trends and what they mean to you!

Segment 1 – The Art & Science of Tracking Trends - Gerald Celente, founder, Trends Research Institute

Segment 2 – The Fall of Capitalism - Nomi Prins, economist, author & journalist

Segment 3 – Economics Q&A - Gerald Celente & Nomi Prins

Session 4 – The Psychology & Commerce of Artful Aging - Aryeh Maidenbaum, Phd, psychologist & author, & Gerald Celente

Session 5 - Millennials Driving Cultural Change? A Globalnomics Perspective - Timothy Malcolm, multimedia journalist & editor, & Gerald Celente

Session 6 – The Globalnomics Worldview In Real Time - Gerald Celente

Segment 1: The Art & Science of Forecasting Trends

Segment 2: The Fall of Capitalism

Segment 3: The Fall of Capitalism Q&A

Segment 4: The Psychology of Artful Aging

Segment 5: Millenials & Retrograde 2.0

Segment 6: The Globalnomics Worldview