Fall Trends Journal Tackles War And Peace

Posted 10/22/14

Fall Trends Journal forecasts failure in war against ISIS and announces bold peace initiative

KINGSTON, NY, 22 October 2014 — As the US and its allies …

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Fall Trends Journal Tackles War And Peace


Fall Trends Journal Forecasts Failure In War 
Against ISIS And Announces Bold Peace Initiative

KINGSTON, NY, 22 October 2014 — As the US and its allies ramp up toward war in Syria and Iraq, global trends analyst Gerald Celente forecasts—in the fall edition of his quarterly Trends Journal—more pointless death, destruction and, ultimately, the failure of the US to achieve its goals. And, in the same issue, Celente announces the formal launch of a timely, necessary and bold peace initiative.

"What the past several months have shown us, yet again, is the ease with which the US and its allies can lead us into war, with no accountability to the facts and utter disregard for what history so clearly suggests – failure ahead," Celente writes in the fall issue, released today and available at Trendsresearch.com
“We have to ask ourselves, how low have our moral standards sunk?" he writes. "When did it become routine, expected and business as usual that we are led down such destructive roads with so little accountability...?"
Trends Research Institute analysts join Celente in examining events that transpired during the two months preceding armed action, when the administration and media "scared the public" into supporting military intervention. They raise the question: "Why is it so easy to go war but so difficult to talk peace? There is some degree of public angst over this state of endless war, but not nearly enough. There are some calls in the halls of Congress to stand down, but the old guard is too entrenched, too powerful, to overcome. There are a few peace rallies here and there, but none with the vigor and purpose needed to enact change."
In this edition, Celente and his institute launch "Occupy Peace," a different and structured movement designed to provide the tools necessary to advance peace in communities across the nation. While the institute has been developing this unique initiative, it has been collecting— at the movement’s website, www.OccupyPeace.us—the names of people around the globe who support "fighting for peace."
Over the next few months, this website will become the gathering place to learn about the movement and the spring event designed to raise nation-wide interest. At noon on May 2, 2015, the institute will hold a public rally in historic Kingston, NY to unveil Occupy Peace, and introduce a movement designed to reinstate the core values that gave birth to this nation while providing the tools for advancing peace. 

At the corners of Crown and John streets in Kingston stand four magnificent pre-Revolutionary War structures. These buildings, and surrounding historic sites, were the scene of critical episodes in the founding of the nation and the writing of the United States Constitution. The roots of this new peace movement will take hold at the heart of this, the oldest intersection in the country
"There is no more meaningful and inspiring location at which to replant the seeds of true democracy than here; no better place to restore our moral and constitutional DNA, than here," Celente writes in the Trends Journal. "This initiative is designed to change our collective thinking about war. It's about building communities here, in America, not building nations elsewhere." 
The fall Trends Journal also explores trends in media, technology, economics, geo-politics and other topics.
An in-depth article on emerging media trends, for example, covers the rise of spreadsheet journalism as the big chains spin off their publishing assets from more profitable aspects of their operations. The institute predicts "... many newspaper chains will show healthy profits over the next few years as they cut and consolidate their path to digital-dominated operations and eventually settle into the new media landscape, driven by far lower revenue volumes. As this transition enters its next stage, some newspapers, now left exposed to shareholder or investor scrutiny, won’t make it. And on the journalism side, remaining reporters will be measured, more and more, by the size of the digital audiences they individually grow. Their immediate editors will be charged with managing their metrics more than their journalism."
Elsewhere in the issue, stories explore the implications of the next generation of Artificial Intelligence-driven products, the rise of the "skipping old age" trend and the fall of oil prices, among numerous other trends.
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