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Gerald Celente - TradCatKnight Radio - January 20, 2017

20 Jan 2017

America First & Optimism For 2017

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19 Jan 2017

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18 Jan 2017

Gerald Celente - Trends this Week - January 18, 2017

While the liberals, celebrities, and crybabies alike have turned Donald Trump's election into a war on women, they remain silent on the real issues. President Obama continues to take away our rights and wage war on foreign nations, all without discourse from his celebrity fan base. Elsewhere, organizations composed of the elite continue to try and dissect the refugee crisis but refuse to discuss how it was created. Watch

19 Jan 2017

Gerald Celente - The National Intel Report - January 19, 2017

The coming Trump economy, and the losers who spent untold money trying to stay in power Watch

18 Jan 2017

Gerald Celente - The Jon Gaunt show - January 18, 2017

The world's wealthiest are meeting in the Swiss resort of Davos for the World Economic Forum. And what have our leaders decided to do? Simulate being refugees by crawling on their knees! Don't miss I Gerald had to say about this nonsense. Watch