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Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Show - September 12, 2018

12 Sep 2018

Gerald Celente on the economy and what's coming next.

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22 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - The Cody Willard Show - August 22, 2018

Gerald Celente joins Cody Willard to discuss: What will crash the economy and the markets next? And when? Whether you should buy gold, GLD, gold futures or other precious metals. Watch

18 Aug 2018

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Gerald Celente - Financial Survival Network - August 16, 2018

Gerald Celente stopped by today to discuss the rising tide of currency collapses. It seems that just about everywhere you look there’s a country who’s currency is on the skids. Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, Russia and the list goes on. No surprises here, just more fallout from the ultimate failed US Dollar short. Where it stops nobody knows, but there’s a lot more turmoil ahead. And don’t forget about major internet censorship kicking in. First they came for Alex Jones… Watch

15 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - The Brett Winterble Show - August 15, 2018

Gerald discuss the economy with Russia and Turkey on the latest episode of the Brett Winterble show. Watch

15 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - Kitco News - August 5, 2018

Gold prices fell more than $17 on the day, and while central banks may have played a role in its selloff, the bigger driver is the strong U.S. dollar, fueled by rising interest rates, said Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal. Watch