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KINGSTON, NY, 28 MARCH 2018—If you only follow the mainstream business news, you’ll believe that every significant upward or downward move in equity markets was a direct cause and effect of a “breaking news” event that day.

KINGSTON, NY, 21 MARCH 2018— Despite what the business media hype would have you believe, the markets are not going up or down based on tweets from President Donald Trump,
KINGSTON, NY, 7 March 2018—Where are the markets and economy heading? Follow trend lines, not media lines.
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KINGSTON, NY 2 March 2018—The business media is spreading economic propaganda. In unison, they blamed the Dow’s 420-point drop yesterday, and the subsequent plunging markets overseas, on President Trump's announcement that he will impose aluminum and steel tariffs.    
KINGSTON, NY, 28 February 2018—In early February, equity markets went into a tailspin over fears that the US Central Bank would raise interest rates to contain inflation. All it took Tuesday to drop the Dow 299
KINGSTON, NY, 21 FEBRUARY 2018—Everyone tuned-in to stock market news knows the story. US equities experienced a 10-percent correction recently over concerns that higher inflation would push the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy faster than expected.
TREND ALERT®:Trump Rally peaked. Correction or Market Crash? Watch Gold The Trends Journal was first to forecast the Trump Rally after Donald Trump won the race for the White …
TREND ALERT®: First to call Trump Rally, First to call Correction. What’s next? KINGSTON, NY, 6 FEBRUARY 2018 — The Trends Journal was first to forecast the Trump rally and first to predict a 10-percent market correction.
KINGSTON, NY, 23 JANUARY 2017—“Democracy is dead in America. The Trump White House is being run by the Pentagon,” Gerald Celente noted ...
TREND ALERT® Saudi war drums: Gold, oil, cryptocurrency prices to spike KINGSTON, NY, 8 November 2017—Oil prices had jumped to two-year highs even...
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