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Trend Alert: New York Times off-trend with Transgender blitz

By Gerald Celente Publisher, Trends Journal

KINGSTON, NY, 16 December 2015—During this historic period of …

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  TREND ALERT®:Bigger than Brexit: Market mayhem. Will gold glow? KINGSTON, NY, 6 July 2016—From geopolitics to socioeconomics, from environmental to technology, be it the …
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"History is not only repeating itself, it’s bearing down on us with lightning speed. Talk of war once again rules the political dialogue. And it appears the general public is buying it — again."
  TREND ALERT®:Ponzinomics: Central banks to crash the markets KINGSTON, NY, 12 July 2016—After weeks of downtrending equity markets following collapsing banking shares …
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Counting up the votes in a midterm election turnout that hit a 50-year high in the United States, all major party candidates running for the House and Senate championed America's military/industrial/intelligence defense complex and its ballooning budget.
KINGSTON, NY, 14 NOVEMBER 2018—The signals are clear. The warning shots have been fired. Equity markets across the globe have lost trillions as investors increasingly worry about the two-punch strike of slowing economic growth and rising interest rates.
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Fall Trends Journal forecasts failure in war against ISIS and announces bold peace initiative KINGSTON, NY, 22 October 2014 — As the US and its allies …
TREND ALERT:Market crash or market correction? By Gerald Celente Publisher, Trends Journal   KINGSTON, NY, 20 January 2016—At the conclusion of just another typical volatile day, …
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TREND ALERT:Market Madness. Gold's up. Why? What's Next? By Gerald Celente Publisher, Trends Journal   KINGSTON, NY, 27 January 2016—The facts prove it. With just three trading …
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