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KINGSTON, N.Y., 12 DECEMBER 2018 — Global forecaster Gerald Celente has released his Top Trends for 2019, offering detailed, essential predictions that pinpoint the critical turns and detours ahead

TREND ALERT:          Bank bounce back is B.S. Gold will glow. By Gerald Celente Publisher, Trends Journal KINGSTON, NY, 10 February 2016 — As …
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KINGSTON, NY, 18 APRIL 2018—With fears of wars in the Middle East and trade wars with China temporarily easing, the Dow has spiked 213 points this week. And now with stock buybacks setting records and driving the markets higher, how far will the already overleveraged and overvalued markets be inflated?
  Top 10 Trends for 2017: Playing the Trump card to Reefer Money Madness - a new world order KINGSTON, NY, 7 December 2016—Forecasting worldwide since 1980, never before …
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KINGSTON, N.Y. 3 JANUARY 2019—Just three days into the New Year and it’s already an old story. U.S. equities had the worst December on record since the Great Depression and equity markets across the globe closed out 2018 sinking into bear and/or correction territory … or had their worst year since the Panic of ’08.
KINGSTON, NY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2018—As evidenced in our Trend Alerts, we were among the first to warn that worsening economic instability in Emerging Markets could trigger a global equity market meltdown. The fear of that contagion has intensified as the crashing Argentinean peso and Turkish lira have escalated a broad EM currency sell-off.
NOTED EXPERTS JOIN CELENTE FOR JUNE CONFERENCE   Powerful voices in economics, psychology, aging and pop culture will be joining global forecaster Gerald Celente during "Find Your …
KINGSTON, NY, 9 MAY 2018—As Trends Journal subscribers know, we have been forecasting a wild card event could trigger a series of economic developments capable of driving global markets from correction mode to crash territory.
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KINGSTON, NY, 18 November 2015 - Following 9/11, the explanations for terror strikes on the World Trade Center and Pentagon had nothing to do with America’s Middle East policy. No, “America was targeted for attack ...
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